Game Design

The purpose of the game was simplicity; therefore, all the pieces had to be easily attainable and simple. The concept of the game was taken from checkers, chess, and battleships. Although the game started out as an assignment, the game ended up being something creative and what everybody can enjoy. Besides being simplistic, the other goals of the game were to make the game fun, have a variety of ways to win, and allow people of all ages to play the game.

The game is based on two modern kingdoms doing battle with each other. The kingdoms have modern buildings such as skyscrapers and weapons such as guns and swords. However, the two kingdoms don't agree on killing soldiers, but instead they agree on capturing the soldiers; therefore, this battle is like a modern civilized war. The battle must end in the victory of one kingdom. As a result, the kingdom that wins not only gets control of the defeated kingdom, but also the sweet smell of victory.