Seize & Conquer is a game of strategy and chance that requires two players to bring one of their royal pieces to the other side of the board while trying to take out the soldier pieces along the way. However, the opposing player does not know which pieces are the royal pieces and which pieces are the soldier pieces. The goal of the game is to have the highest ranked royal piece at the end of the board or to wipe out the opposing player’s game pieces. The game can be ended in more than one way; therefore, Seize & Conquer is unpredictable and exciting every time you play. The game is intended for ages 6 and up.

Starting Point

General Rules

Two players each begin with eighteen pieces and of those eighteen pieces three of them are royal pieces. One player will set up their side of the board while the other player is turned around; therefore, the opposing player does not know which pieces are the royal ones, which can be placed anywhere on your side of the board in accordance to the image on the left. Afterwards, the opposing player sets up the board the same way. The opposing player will only know if one piece is a royal by seizing that particular piece and flipping it over to see which sticker color it has. The King will have a green sticker, the Queen will have a yellow sticker and the Duke will have a blue sticker underneath them.  In order to start the game each player rolls a dice to decide who gets the first turn. The player who rolls the highest number decides who gets the first move. 

Basic Game Board Description and Rules

Ø  Seize & Conquer shall be played on a custom board where the second row of each player’s side is their kingdom.

Ø  The first row is where you will put the other players seized pieces into the dungeons of the kingdom. The dungeons must be filled from left to right with the seized pieces, but if each dungeon is filled with at least one piece than you may stack the next seized piece in any dungeon you like.

Ø  The crowns on the board are used to place the released pieces onto the board. You can release as many pieces as you can as long as you have a crown available for the released piece to be placed on, and you can place the released piece on any crown you like on your side. As a result, if your opponent or your piece is occupying a crown then you cannot place a released piece on that crown till the crown is available.

Ø  For every piece that reaches your opponent’s kingdom your opponent must tell you how many and what kind of royals there are left on the board.

Both players roll a two.

Red piece seized by black piece. Black piece goes to the dungeon.

The player rolled a six and jumped onto one of the pieces and found out it was a queen. 

Movement of Pieces

Ø  Each piece can move horizontally forwards, backwards, and from side to side.

Ø  A player’s piece can seize an opposing player’s piece by jumping over the piece diagonally forwards and backwards.

Ø  Your piece cannot move horizontally side to side in an opposing player’s kingdom.

Ø  If the dice lands on a six you have to take any one of your pieces on the board and attack any piece that may be an opposing player’s royal piece on the board.

Ø  If the piece is a royal then place the royal piece into the dungeon and place your piece previously onto where the royal piece was.

Ø  However, if the piece was not a royal then your piece is placed into the opposing player’s dungeon.

Ø  If the dice lands on any other number move which ever piece you want that belongs to you.

Ø  If the opposing player does not have any royal on the board and the dice lands on a six move which ever piece you want that belongs to you.

Ø  There are no other types of movements allowed such as jumping over your own pieces.







How to Win

Ø  One way to win is to wipe out your opponent’s pieces

Ø  Another way to win is to have the highest ranking royal left on the board in your opponent’s kingdom. Therefore, if you have the Duke reach your opponent’s kingdom and you still have a Queen or your opponent still has a Queen in play you cannot win unless you bring the Queen to your opponent’s kingdom or wipeout your opponent’s Queen.

Ø  If the King reaches your opponent’s kingdom then you automatically win the game even if your opponent has a King on the field.

Ø  If your royal pieces were taken away from you then you must either wipe out your opponents pieces to win or have a soldier reach your opponent’s kingdom and release the royals from the dungeon and use the royals to win the game.